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This wide horizontal shape has a very wide range of uses for a single unit, making it a highly versatile size. Can be used as a partition between tables and counters in restaurants, to hide the spines of books on a bookshelf, or as an object to arrange a room, and the larger it is, the more things it can conceal. Although large, it is transparent, making it possible to create a partition without an overwhelming impression. Combined with other S, M, and L sizes, the possibilities for use are even greater.

*The products are handmade by craftsmen, so shipping may be delayed due to the high volume of orders.

  • SIZE
    S:89mm / 280mm / 165mm
    M:89mm / 248mm / 225mm
    L-H:89mm / 274mm / 426mm
    L-V:89mm / 448mm / 316mm
    [Main Body] Spruce/Cedar/Hinoki + Urethane paint
    [Base] Stainless steel + powder coating / MDF + urethane coating